Refugees Code Tutor Guide

Welcome, this is the refugees{code} tutor manual. This may be the first time you're in a tutor role, or you already have some experience tutoring others. Maybe you helped someone learn for an exam in school. This document should prepare you for your new role, and understand the system of learning we have designed.

Being a tutor is a chance and a challenge. It’s a chance to grow, to learn, to strengthen your own knowledge, to help others grow, to understand what others need, to communicate effectively, and be empathetic: these are skills that help you succeed in the 21st century. And this is a wonderful environment to learn them in. Do good and learn from it.

It is also a challenge, because of three reasons. Firstly, coding is difficult. Secondly, teaching it means explaining it in an simple way. And thirdly, this requires you to understand the content well and also understand where the learner is at.

Values for teaching

Teaching requires authenticity, patience, and empathy. Authenticity means being honest and respectful to the other person, instead of hiding behind the mask of a “teacher”. It’s about building trust and understanding with the other person, and showing this is an important factor. Patience is also important, and will likely be a result of authenticity. Don’t give the answer, it is much better to ask guiding questions, and even more valuable for a programmer to learn how to look for solutions to problems. And finally, address the other person with empathy. It’s important to understand their way of seeing things, because only then it is possible to guide someone. Through appreciation, patience and empathy, our students will be able to learn and develop.

Let's get going

You can read up on the different chapters and learn how we work and collaborate. We believe in agile course creation so the points mentioned are subject to change. If something is unclear or can be done better, we are happy if you open an Issue through our GitHub repository.

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